Teacher Training Course

Training help to develop one’s Self esteem, Confidence and Leadership Skills. On this basis we conduct teacher training course (TTC). The training circular includes Technical Training, Teaching Methodology, Yoga, Ethics, Philosophy, Lifestyle and mainly dedicated hours of practice. This Course is certified through “MindSweep”
Ideas Pvt Ltd. ‘Pride’ which gives an opportunity to the students of this course to teach Aerobics and
Power Yoga in any place and Raise their job growth.

How to apply

To get enrolled for the Teacher Training Course (TTC), one has to fill the admission form provided at the office along with the relevant fees and the documents. After the submission of form, the schedule for the TTC course would be provided.


Pride provides the curriculum, teaching material and the methodology required for successful completion of the course. After the completion of the course, students are felicitated by giving certificates and a chance of getting on board as a Trainer in any of our
five studios.


At PRIDE we have qualified trainers who are certified. They are highly energetic and enthusiastic to serve their clients. Also they are well aware of clients fitness requirements and accordingly suggests them for the same.


Teacher Training Course

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